What does it take to be a true creative? Rogue Homme turns five

Singer, stylist and one of my dearest friends Arrnott Olssen celebrated the fifth birthday of his blog Rogue Homme a few weeks ago.

The event was a stylish collaboration with the Intercontinental Sydney that saw guests mingle in a downstairs space reimagined as an 1800s florist-inspired pop-up bar before moving upstairs for the spectacular views offered up by the rooftop Supper Club.

Rooftop views at the Intercontinental Sydney Supper Club.

If you don’t mind a view… the Supper Club at the Intercontinental Sydney is one of the city’s best kept rooftop experience secrets.

Thanks to Hayman’s Gin and Grey Goose, there was no shortage of cocktails.

I have no idea who to thank for the smorgasbord of cheese.

Cocktails aplenty at the Intercontinental Sydney

Like what you see? More sexy shots like this at @supper.club.sydney 

I connected with Arrnott about 10 years ago when I took on some publicity work around his 80kg weight loss. I was quickly struck by the very human-ness of this unbelievably talented person. If you’ve never heard Arrnott sing, it’s like the heavens open up and angels are speaking on earth. As a creative director and event stylist, he can pull together a room like nobody’s business.

Arrnott Olssen singing at Intercontinental Sydney Supper Club

Is that you singing, Arrnott, or has a divine entity made its way to earth?

As I’ve watched him grow his following from the sidelines, what has struck me most about Arrnott’s journey is that it highlights the universal experience of true creatives – you’re a lateral worker in a world that expects you to be linear, sometimes the well runs dry, sometimes your vision is two years ahead of your audience’s capacity to grasp it, self-doubt renders your intuition mute, and, of course, there is the incredible, almost addictive high when you deliver something that touches someone and compels you to keep creating.

It takes flipping guts to pull something out from deep within yourself and present it to the world.

Congratulations, Arrnott, on reaching five years, and I look forward to seeing what the next five years brings you. xx

Ps check out @roguehomme for men’s fashion, food and lifestyle news.